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Emergency Funding

CLICKRukiga has created and supported the Family Emergency Fund which offers one-off emergency support to the needy within the community. One of our ongoing commitments provides key funds to help those who cannot receive medical treatment at Kamwezi Health Centre and are therefore referred to Kabale, Mbarara and Kisizi hospital among others to go for further otherwise costly medical treatment. Thanks to this many lives have been saved with the help of the CLICKRukiga Emergency Fund.  

   On behalf of CLICKRukiga Raymond Kamara visited Rukiga where he met with committee members based there together with Hilary Turyakira (Youth in Development, Project Manager). Whilst there Raymond found out ways in  which CLICKRukiga could further help the local communities. The Youth in Development Project recently requested some funds to purchase sanitary products for the young ladies who attend training sessions at the Rukiga Youth in Development.


The emergency fund created by CLICKRukiga was used to source and provide girls and young women within the Youth in Development programme with sanitary products, due to most Youth trainees not being able to afford sanitary pads causing an increase in absenteeism to training etc. We have not only supported the emergency purchase and distribution of sanitary products but will soon facilitate and provide training on how to make cheap reusable sanitary pads to put an end to period poverty thus helping women manage their periods safely and with dignity. 

distribution of sanitary products jan 2023.jpg
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