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CLICKRukiga stands for Community Links between ICKenham and RUKIGA in Uganda.

CLICKRukiga is a Community-to-Community link between Ickenham in north-west London and Rukiga in south-west Uganda. We share experiences, skills and resources, working to improve the quality of life for our friends in Rukiga through a range of programmes. In turn, we continue to learn about their way of life. 

The charity began with the help and support of World Vision in 2007. Since their withdrawal from this area, we have continued to work directly with the community, building on existing links. St. Giles’ Church and The United Reformed Church help to promote the project amongst the Ickenham community.

Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world, the United Kingdom, by comparison is one of the richest.

The average life expectancy in Uganda is 45.7 years. For us it is unthinkable that life expectancy should be so short, given that in the UK thousands more people are living well beyond 80 years.

141 per 1000 children die before their 5th birthday. With support this can change.

Clean water supply and sanitation are lacking. What we take for granted in the UK can be made available to everyone in Rukiga.

We continue to keep the people of Uganda in our prayers. Although we have much to pray for and many people to hold before God in prayer, please remember to continue your prayer support for our Ugandan friends.





If you are willing and able to please donate and help our friends in Rukiga. You can donate money by visiting the page on the following link:

Alternatively, please scan our QR code.

Every little helps!

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Ickenham United Reformed Church, Swakeleys Road, Ickenham, Middlesex UB10 8BE
01895 634280

St Giles' Church Of England, Swakeleys Road Ickenham,  Middlesex, UB10 8BG

01895 622971        

Ickenham Church News

Ickenham Village

Ickenham Festival

We are working hard to promote the name Rukiga within our community and so, have made links with various local groups including:

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