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Child Sponsorship

When our child sponsorship scheme was first set up we 

worked with World Vision to support this scheme. World Vision no longer work directly within this area so we have created our own 'Sponsor a Child' scheme.

Our scheme sponsors fifty children who live within a 5 mile radius of St James Church in Buhangezi parish. The sponsorship will be used to help with the child's schooling, healthcare, clothes and food. The team at St James church, with whom we are linked, identify the children and their needs, and sponsors can write and receive letters from the child sponsored.

The cost of the sponsorship is £19 per month or £228 per year.

Contact Shirley Gledhill for more information via email


Did you know?

Almost half of Uganda’s population is below the age of 15. Currently 57 children from the poorest households are sponsored by individuals and families in Ickenham, Ruislip and further afield. Funds are used to buy school clothes and equipment, everyday clothing and household items to enable families to support their children. A good example is solar panels to generate electricity for lighting to enable the children to read and study at home. 

CLICKRukiga supports two primary schools which have links with Breakspear School and Cowley St. Laurence School, and a secondary school which has links to Vyners Academy. The primary school pupils exchange letters, and raise funds. Vyners students have visited Rukiga and undertaken classroom building. Fundraising includes sponsored walks, concerts and quizzes.


CLICKRukiga also sends over gifts as well as the sponsorship money to help them in their daily lives. In previous years when committee members went to visit Rukiga, the children visited were each left a present, photos and letters. These items were very much appreciated, as was the fact that people from so far away were interested in their lives and wanted to help. Our group too were given a small gift from these families. The group saw firsthand the huge difference that sponsorship can make.

Our Children Link Director at St James C.O.U Buhangizi is Hillary Turyakira who helps the sponsored children programme grow along with plans for their further education which we support where needed, with a bursary. He also leads the youth development programme.

If you feel you could offer support in any way, please get in contact with us.

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