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November 2019
Fundraising helps to improve  Kamwezi Primary School 

A huge thank you to all the fundraising efforts by the staff, parents and children of Cowley St Lawrence Primary School. Work has now begun on the construction of amenities at Kamwezi Primary School which is linked to Cowley St Lawrence. Hilary, who is based at St James's Church in Kamwezi reported with delight that the ongoing work at the school, when completed, will make a huge difference in providing a clean and safe environment for the children to go to school in.


July/August 2019

Hillary and Precious visit Ickenham

Ever since
Rukiga was established in 2007, it has not been possible for our friends in Uganda to pay us a visit, despite the fact that many of us from Ickenham have visited Uganda over those years. It has taken all that time to secure visas for Hillary and Precious, of St James's Church in Kamwezi, to finally arrive in England.  

Having arrived on Sunday 28th July, 2019, in the afternoon, they attended the evening service at St Giles Church. It was the first time they had left Africa, been on an aeroplane, travelled on the train and experienced the London Underground amongst a great many other things.  They were also taken to their first ever cinema experience, where they saw the film 'Yesterday'. Following on, 'The Beatles' were a complete novelty! 

On their first day, they walked around Ickenham and stopped in the URC for a coffee and chat. The afternoon was spent having lunch in the Mayor's Parlour with the Mayor and Mayoress. What a great way to be welcomed into the community.

The next two weeks were spent visiting sponsors, schools, church and church related meetings. It was a fulfilling experience for them to see and learn about the work in Vyners School, Breakspear School, Cowley St Lawrence School, Ignite and Jack and Jill under fives programme.  this experience will be fed back to the link schools, Kamwezi Primary School and the Braintrust School in Uganda, thus ensuring that the links between the schools will strengthen and the children in both countries learn from each other.Hillary has established a youth work programme which teaches young people skills that they can use to earn their living. The Ignite programme has inspired him further for the future.  There are fourty six families in Ickenham who sponsor a child within a family in Uganda.  Hilary and Precious had brought letters and photos as well as a certificate for each of the sponsor families. There were numerous opportunities for the sponsor families to hear first hand about their sponsored children which was a real benefit to them.

Both Hillary and Precious found the Underground a bit daunting, but having seen Tower Bridge, London Eye, St Pauls Cathedral, Westminister Abbey, Buckingham Palace and Downing Street to name but a few, they soon overcame this fear.

One of the key benefits of the visit were the discussions that took place regarding the next phase of each part of the programme helping to prioritise support and fundraising. Hillary and Precious returned to Uganda committed to ensure the project continues.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the meals, transport and entrance fees. A special thanks to Derek Hughes and St Giles Rector Felicity for providing accommodation for our guests.

The coming months are going to be busy following up on a truly successful visit.

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